Love just takes you to heaven :)

Hmmmm as many say "MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN "atleast in our case thats really and raghu just met as a stranger in this world...... but things just went up side down the moment we met..... as we say god has something or the other in store for everybody.... as i guess this was in store for both of us....happy that we met got to know each other and decidied to give this realtionship a name and a many say love can win over any hurdles and it truely does....after making him as a part of my life all i can say is i can never ask anything better than RAGHU in this world.........LOVE DOES REALLY MAKE LIFE BEAUTIFULL THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD :) fall in love then you will surely understand that special felling in you :)

Made for each other, Mad about each other

As everyone says, yes, it's love at first sight :P Ammu (Shruti) as I call her, has changed the way my life is. I could still remember the charming smile and blush she had when I first met her. I could still remember the beautiful voice when I first heard her. While I was still pinching myself to see if I am in heaven, my heart started melting to her love. AND THAT IS WHEN I FOUND OUT SHE IS THE MEANING OF MY LIFE - My dear Ammu. Both of us can't be without each other, that is why we say we are "Made for each other, mad about each other" - hmmmmm...fall in love then you will surely understand that special feeling in you :)
4385 days since the wedding
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